Montana Family Ranch Raised Beef
All Natural ~ Black Angus Beef

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Looking for healthy, family ranch raised beef you can trust?

Our beef is born, fed, raised and processed in Montana, USA.

All Natural Black Angus Beef
No Added Hormones
No Artificial Ingredients

“There is nothing like knowing exactly where your meat that you serve your family is coming from. We love knowing that a great family is raising great cows without all the extras. The Felton family have been terrific to work with from needing a couple hundred pounds of burger to purchasing a full cow from start to finish. Will be coming back year after year!”
The McDonnell Family

Your Trusted Source

Our goal is to bring the finest beef to your table, as well as the story behind it, so you know where your food comes from.
Our black angus cattle spend their lives on our Montana ranch grazing native pastures, supplemented with forage during the winter and finished on a ranch raised silage ration.

Why Felton Angus Beef?

Our cattle are never, ever given added hormones.
Our cattle and land are well cared for on our Montana family ranch.
Our beef is processed in a Montana family owned USDA facility who cut and wrap each cut individually with complete traceability.

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2-5 Day delivery to contiguous 48 states
Beef is flash frozen at the peak of freshness, packed in dry ice and shipped right to your door


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