Our Story


Jim & Susie Felton are 3rd generation family ranchers raising cattle, kids and crops in Big Sky Country. They are living the dream with roots deep in agriculture, small business and good old-fashioned hard work. Any given day of the week might find Jim feeding cattle in the snow, night calving and fixing fence. Susie pitches in on the ranch, wrangles kids, spends too much time on the computer and keeps everyone fed. Together they are raising two happy, healthy, active girls already outside in the dirt, riding ponies and checking cattle snow or shine. Jim & Susie share their stories of everyday Montana ranch life, good food and the hard work it takes to raise beef.


The Felton’s came to Montana from the Carolina’s back in the 1800’s and lived in several parts of the western half of the state. Raymond and Margaret Felton began farming around Charlo in 1942 and had a thriving milk cow business. They had two sons, Maurice and Richard. The family eventually phased out the dairy cattle and began selling Angus bulls near Missoula during the 1950’s where they would top the local markets with the cattle they raised.


The family moved west in 1972 with the purchase of the ranch in Springdale, Montana. Jim Felton, Rich’s son, is the 3rd generation to raise angus cattle on the banks of the Yellowstone River. The family currently ranches in both Springdale and Miles City, Montana.
The 4th generation of Felton’s are growing up fast while Jim and his wife Susie expand the ranch operation to offer Felton Angus Beef direct to the consumer.

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